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    4-й Международный симпозиум скульптуры. Тегеран

    Шура Шестаков
    Шура Шестаков

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    4-й Международный симпозиум скульптуры. Тегеран  Empty 4-й Международный симпозиум скульптуры. Тегеран

    Сообщение  Шура Шестаков в Ср Май 30, 2012 8:37 am

    Симпозиум проводится с 10 сентября 2012 года по 1 октября 2012 года.
    Call for Tehran 4th International Sculpture Symposium

    Tehran Public Arts Organization is holding Tehran 4th International Sculpture Symposium. The symposium is held from September 10, 2012 to October 1, 2012. It aims at expanding Iran’s contemporary sculpture and tenderizing Tehran’s urban space by modernizing current conditions and improving artistic creations, and also familiarizing the citizens with the stages of making works, beside generalizing aesthetic view in the society, and exchanging experiences, knowledge and skills among the artists.


    10 foreign artists will be selected to compete along with 12 Iranian artists. All the symposium candidates should have experience and ability of working with stone and should be able to bring their creative ideas into realization within the allotted time using the medium of stone.

    Main Raw Materials:

    Each artist in the main section will be given at most a marble slab measuring roughly 300×100×100 centimeters.

    How to participate:

    Following materials should be sent to

    - Registration form completed and signed

    - Personal CV/ Resume

    - Photo(s) of their model of the suggested work. The scale of the offered model should be on the basis of 1 to 10.

    · Note: the selected artists should bring their models as it will be shown in an exhibition held during the symposium.

    - Selected artists must arrive at Tehran 4 days before the starting day of the symposium.

    Registration deadline:

    Symposium secretariat starts registering from June 16 to 20, 2012 during office working hours. Selected artists are announced via the website of Public Arts Organization and broadcasting services within 10 days from the last day of registration.

    The symposium provides:

    - Accommodation and meals for the duration of the symposium.

    - Materials for the realization of the sculpture.

    - Transportation from and to home country and the visa expenses.

    - Individual allowance for successfully realized project at 40,000,000 Iranian Rials which will be converted to USD or Euros at the day’s exchange rate.

    - Non-electrical tools, and electrical tools including grinder (small and big), cutting and sanding disks(one piece each)

    · Note: There will be special facilities for cutting the stones which could be used 3 times during the symposium by arranging with the workshop manager.

    - Safety equipments and insurance for the duration of the symposium while at workshop.

    - A catalog of the symposium granted to the selected artists.


    The symposium in the main section will have three selected works according to the Jury’s opinion which are introduced at the closing ceremony and are given some awards as below:

    - Honorary certificate and 100,000,000 Iranian Rials for the first place.

    - Honorary certificate and 70,000,000 Iranian Rials for the second place.

    - Honorary certificate and 50,000,000 Iranian Rials for the third place.

    · Above mentioned amounts will be converted to USD or Euros at the day’s exchange rate.

    The sculpture undertakes to:

    - Create a sculpture no later than the closing date of the symposium being Oct. 1st 2012.

    - Symposium’s working hours which is 9am to 6pm.

    - Give the right of the ownership of the sculpture to Tehran municipality and the right to use the works and their photos in website, brochures, and catalogs.

    · In the case of occurrence of certain matters out of the symposium’s norms by any present individual, the secretariat will decide about the rest of that person’s presence.

    Should you need any other information, please contact us at

    The symposium secretariat address: Tehran Sculpture Centre, Amarat-e Eyn al-Dowle (Barg picture gallery), eastern Shahid Jamali St, Shahid Vafamanesh st, Heravi Square, Pasdaran

    Tel and fax: 00982122969742



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