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    "Спорт · Здоровье · Жизнь" - 13 Чанчунь (Jingyue зона развития)

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    "Спорт · Здоровье · Жизнь" - 13 Чанчунь (Jingyue зона развития)

    Сообщение  Шура Шестаков в Сб Янв 28, 2012 9:31 pm

    The 13th China Changchun (Jingyue Development Zone)
    International Sculpture Symposium
    Call for Sculpture Proposals

    11th January, 2012
    Distinguished artists:
    Sincere greetings from Changchun, the sculpture capital of China﹗
    In order to vigorously flourish the world sculpture art and promote the development of urban sculpture construction, Changchun Municipal People’s Government has successfully held 12 sessions of international sculpture symposiums, two sessions of international sculpture conference, and one session of world sculpture conference since 1997. Up till now, more than 400 sculptors from 216 countries have created over 600 sculptures for the city, representing various artistic styles around the world. Changchun therefore has become a center and platform for creating world sculptures.
    From late July to early September, 2012, Changchun Municipal Peoples’ Government will hold the 13th China Changchun (Jingyue Development Zone) Sculpture Symposium, with the theme of “Sports·Health·Life”, for further promoting international cultural exchanges, improving the cultural taste of Jingyue Development Zone as well as increasing the Zone’s international influence and popularity.
    Changchun Jingyue Development Zone is located in southeast of Changchun city, covering an administrative area of 478.7 square kilometers. It is blessed with exceptional natural eco-tourism resources, such as Jingyuetan National Scenic Spot and Xinlihu National Water Conservancy Scenic Resort. The development zone also has broad space for urban construction, robust technological, educational and cultural resources, as well as strong foundations for high-tech industry. After more than ten years consistent construction and development, Jingyue Development Zone has become a new-style ecological culture city suitable for living, visiting and starting business. Now, Jingyue Development Zone has played an important role in the whole Changchun city’s economic development, urban construction and ecological prevention.
    In recent years, Jingyue Development Zone has confirmed its overall strategic goal of constructing a “Jingyue Ecological City”. On the premises of protecting the ecological environment of 100 square kilometers renowned scenic spot and 200 square kilometers water conservation area, the development zone is striving to develop the modern service industry centered on “comprehensive trade and commerce service”, “science and technology incubation services”, “cultural creativity and education service,” and “tourism and leisure service” and construct Jingyue Development Zone into the “Ecological Center”, “Leisure Hub” and “High-tech Industry Nexus” of Changchun city as early as possible.
    We sincerely invite you to submit proposals to the 13th China Changchun (Jingyue Development Zone) International Sculpture Symposium. We’d like you to:
    1. Deliver at least 3 or more proposals based on the Symposium’s theme, which are requested to reflect the theme and the distinctive ethical and regional characteristics of your country or region. The stone or bronze sculpture works beyond 4 meters in concrete art style are highly appreciated.
    2. Specify the materials’ dimensions and colors of the proposed works. Please deliver A4 size colored design drafts or photographs of maquettes of your proposals and their digital files in JPEG, BMP or TIF format. Digital photo should be no less than 1 megabytes.
    3. Fill in the attached registration form and enclose your passport photo, your recent daily photo and your resume. Digital photo is no less than 1 megabytes. Your sculpture portfolio is also appreciated.
    4. The proposals can be sent by express mail or e-mail before March 30th, 2012 to:
    The Organizing Committee of
    The 13th China Changchun (Jingyue Development Zone) International Sculpture Symposium
    No.9777 Yatai Street, Jilin Province, P. R. China
    Postcode: 130021
    E-mail: or
    All the proposals will be carefully reviewed by the Organizing Committee, extensively evaluated by the public and finally appraised by celebrated masters. If any of your proposals gets approved by the Organizing Committee, you will receive an official invitation to Changchun for creating it on site from late July to early September.
    We will provide you with round-trip economic flight tickets (only from your residence city to Changchun), an allowance of US $3000, free accommodation in Changchun, common processing tools, assistant and interpreter as well as honor diplomas, picture albums and souvenirs. All the completed sculpture works will be permanently placed in and owned by sculpture park, constructed by the Jingyue Development Zone for this symposium.
    The Organizing Committee reserves the final right to interpret.

    Looking forward to your kind submitting and sincere participating.

    The Organizing Committee
    The 13th China Changchun (Jingyue Development Zone) International Sculpture Symposium
    Miss Aimee:
    Tel & Fax: +86-431-85670603 Mobile: +86-13943054070
    Mr. Larry Xu:
    Website: or

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