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    Камень Дерево и железо 2012

    Шура Шестаков
    Шура Шестаков

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    Камень Дерево и железо 2012 Empty Камень Дерево и железо 2012

    Сообщение  Шура Шестаков в Сб Сен 17, 2011 12:24 am

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010
    project description
    This international project began with a conversation between Stuart Kent, Chris Peterson, and Carl Billingsley about casting iron in The Netherlands, while working in Pedvale International Sculpture Park, near Sabile, Latvia, June 2010.

    1. Chris Peterson, a Sculptor from the Netherlands is spearheading a symposium to take place in his home town in 2012, that will include works in both Stone and Iron. Carl Billingsley, and Stuart Kent will lead a team of iron casters that will design and construct a furnace on site during the symposium. The core group will use this blog site to discuss the plans for this symposium, and each of the other events to occur internationally during 2012.

    2. Another event is being planned to occur in Latvia. The event will occur either in Riga, or at Pedvale Open-Air Museum and Sculpture Park in 2012. Stuart and Chris are working with Latvian artists Laura and Ojars Feldbergs to establish a theme for the event. Early discussion about the event led to the establishment of some preliminary restrictions for this symposium; open internationally to young artists that have worked at least once previously at Pedvale. Artists will submit proposals to a jury to compete for consideration as one of 12 participants for the 2012 symposium. Not open to students.

    3. Stone, Wood, Costa Rica 2012. Stuart is spearheading efforts to organize a symposium in the Central Valley of Costa Rica that will focus on the use of stone and wood.

    Interested artists or project supporters are encouraged to contact the organizers, please post contact requests on the blog.

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