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    Тегеран, май 2013 год. Заявки до 7 марта

    Шура Шестаков
    Шура Шестаков

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    Тегеран, май 2013 год. Заявки до 7 марта Empty Тегеран, май 2013 год. Заявки до 7 марта

    Сообщение  Шура Шестаков в Чт Фев 21, 2013 4:05 pm

    Call for the 5th International Tehran Sculpture Symposium
    Persian Gulf Memorial

    Application documents:
    Applicants should fill the application form and send it along with the following application documents to the secretariat of the symposium:
    - A profile photograph of the artist
    - Curriculum vitae
    - Photographs of works (on a CD, in JPEG format and 300 dpi quality)
    - Picture of the proposal
    Please submit your documents to:
    Center of Sculpture Activities of Tehran, Barg Gallery.
    Eastern Jamali street – Vafamanesh street –
    Heravi square
    Tehran, Iran.
    Tel and Fax number: +98 21 22969742

    Submission deadline:
    The submission deadline for applications to reach our office is March 8th 2013.

    Work material:
    Each artist will be supplied with a trunk of Beech, with approximate dimensions of 75 to 85cm in diameter and length of 280cm.

    Terms of perform:
    - The organizer agrees to supply each artist with a 35cm chain saw and one mini-disc (available in domestic market) exclusively. Also, artists are free to use their personal additional tools.
    - Other available tools at the symposium workshop are: 50cm chain saw, 70cm gasoline saw, 35cm gasoline saw, drills, finger discs, polish tool, consumables such as different grindstones, and etc.
    - Forklift and crane at the symposium site.
    An honorarium of 1500 USD will be paid by the organizer to each participant.
    In addition each artist will receive certificate of participation in the symposium.

    The symposium is from 1 May to 11 May.,
    Ticket many,
    And convenient good hotel.
    And sculpture as a student assistant.
    Artists must bring their own instruments.
    You welcome
    Best wish and happy
    ‫سازمان زیباسازی شهر تهران‬

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